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Service: Dairy Calf to Beef Scheme under the new Beef Sector Efficiency Pilot

The aim of this scheme is to support & improve the integration of the dairy and beef sector. This measure will support beef farmers rearing dairy calves. The proposed subsidy is an effort to make the purchase of dairy calves more attractive to beef finishers.

Requirements to qualify for the scheme: * Submit a BPS application in 2021 * Own a male calf of a dairy breed OR a male/female calf of a beef breed sire born to a dairy breed dam in your herd * Eligible calves must be in your herd for at-least 10 days before weighing * Calves must be born on or after 1st of January 2021

Actions: * You must weigh a minimum of 5 eligible calves and submit weights to ICBF * All weights should be submitted within 7 days of weighing & before 1st November 2021 * Calves must be at-least 12 weeks at time of weighing

Payment: Farmers will receive up to €20 per eligible calf weighed. You must weigh at least 5 eligible calves & no more than 20. In order to receive payment, weights need to be submitted to ICBF.

Closing Date for Applications - 26th of April 2021

Are you interested in applying or finding out more information? Get in contact

Phone - 0858391019

Email - atempleagriconsultancy@gmail.con

Drop me a message on Facebook/WhatsApp

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