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Service: Suckler BEEP-S open for applications

Suckler BEEP-S under the new Beef Sector Efficiency Pilot for 2021 is now open for applications. The Programme will target weaning efficiency of cows & calves through analysing the weights of suckler cows & calves in the herd of each participant while improving welfare of calves during weaning as well as control of liver fluke in suckler cows. Please note, farmers that have participated in the scheme last year, doesn’t automatically mean you are signed up for the scheme for 2021.

Eligible calves should be born in the herd between 1st of July 2020 and 30th June 2021. Cows should belong to a beef breed OR sired by a beef breed bull.

There are 3 actions, action 1 is compulsory. Action 1 - Weighing unweaned calves and cows & submission of weights to ICBF. Action 2 - Applicants have a choice of either: Meal feeding pre-weaning & post weaning OR Implement a vaccination programme for respiratory diseases in suckler calves. Action 3 - Faecal egg testing to control liver and rumen fluke in adult suckler cows.

Payment Calculation: Action 1 is mandatory & involves weighing - €50 for the first 10 cow/calf pairs weighed & €40 thereafter Action 2 is optional - Meal feeding €30 per calf weighed OR Vaccination €30 per calf Action 3 is optional - Faecal egg testing €10 per cow

The deadline to apply for this scheme is fast approaching - Monday 26th of April 2021.

Are you interested in applying or finding out more information? Get in contact

Phone - 0858391019

Email -

Drop me a message on Facebook/WhatsApp

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